No art experience necessary!

Open studio * Casual DIY environment * Walk-in only

10-7:30pm Monday – Thursday
10-8pm Friday Saturday Sunday

You can also paint your pottery at home! 
Select your pieces in store, choose your paint, and bring back when they are finished.

Mosaic projects go home with you same day.


Walk-ins welcome

When you arrive, we invite you to select your bisque or mosaic shapes as well as where you’d like to sit.   After a quick tour of our studio, you can be seated and begin your creative expression.   Paint 3 coats at most, let dry in between coats, leave with us when you’re finished.  Allow a week or so for firing, but you can request a rush before you start painting and ask an associate if we can make your deadline. Our glazes are food-safe, non-toxic and lead-free, of course.

Pricing:  NO studio fees so what you see is what you get!  Plus tax.


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Walk-in Mosaic Studio

Make & Take! Our studio is filled with shapes & surfaces from mirrors to trivets to glue to and glass, beads and ceramic pieces for you to glue!   Mosaics go home with you the same day, and the price of your piece includes everything you need — including a grout kit for after your piece dries at home.  We do have a grouting service, starting at $15 and it takes about a week to be returned to you.   We do include instructions, so you can do totally do this at home! Mosaics are very beginner-friendly, and we have seen amazing pieces that were done by children. No cutting needed!


  1.    Select your surface in our studio.   They start at $21, and all surfaces include a take home grout kit.   Keep in mind we do have a grouting service available if you can leave your surface with us for a week or so.
  2.    Select your “tesserae”.  That is the fancy word for pieces.   Grab what you need from our assortment of glass, ceramic pieces,  wood pieces, in various shapes, colors, textures, etc.
  3.    Arrange on your surface.
  4.   Start gluing them down.
  5.   Wait 24 hours to grout.  

Yep, that’s it.  No firing, no cutting, no wondering how its going to turn out…   What you see is what you get.   This is a great activity for kids 8 and up.