How to build your own candle at our studio

In our Breakables Mosaic Studio, we offer FunKy ChuNkY Candle making.   It’s been pretty popular for a few reasons, like they are kid-friendly, go home same day, and customizable (you select the colors, pattern and the scent).    So, make sure you know the hours for Breakables Studio, as it differs from PicassoZ:

Ok, now…how to build your own candle:

1.  Select your mold or container.    We have pillar molds as well as glass containers to choose from, depending on the look you want.    Sometimes we have some seasonal items like buckets, mugs, shells, and whatever else we may think you would like to make into a great candle.     Bring us your selection so we can prepare the wick and give you brief instruction.

2.  Choose wax pieces, shapes and go for it.    Layer your wax by colors if you want.  We even have wax that looks like beach glass and can be broken by hand to add to your designing and creativity.   You will be working around your wick to the top of your mold or container.    We do have fun embellishments for a little extra charge, we call it Candle Bling.

3.  Select your scent.    Now it starts to get even more fun.   We have the elegant fragrances you’d find in high-end candle shops, as well as the silly ones that kids prefer…i.e. Monkey Farts.    Ok, that is as bad as it gets in that department.

4.  Grab a boba tea, smoothie, iced coffee… while you wait for us to fill in your mold with wax, add the scent, and quick set.       (Once its set (allow about 30 minutes or so), we will wrap it in cellophane for you…and its done!

Wednesday-Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 10-10pm

Sunday Noon-6pm

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