Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte with Aloe Vera

Matcha…   it’s pure premium green tea granite-ground into a super fine powder.   You drink it.   At Tea Largo, we add it to smoothies, iced teas, lattes, really…we add it to whatever you want us to.  We also sell it retail you can you drink it at home.   Matcha has become very popular in recipes, too.  So, you eat it.   Matcha is extremely high in antioxidants, and is well known for its energy boost.   Iced Matcha Latte with Aloe Vera JelliesMatcha DOES contain caffeine, but it has a different effect on the body, giving sustained boost over 5-6 hours as it is absorbed slowly.   It also is calming, because of a special amino acid found only in green tea called L-theanine.  We open at 7am so you can get your morning kicked off, then perfect mid day, of course.  I find that matcha does NOT keep me awake at night when I drink it late, like coffee does, nor does matcha hurt my tummy. And, just check out these health benefits.

As far as the flavor, just imagine a very strong green tea.   Some describe it as “vegetal” (that’s a fancy word for “grassy”).   For me, I tried a match drink at a tea conference in Atlanta back in the summer of 2007.   I didn’t like it.   I let my husband try.  He didn’t like it.   But for some reason, because of the health benefits and the popularity, I kept trying it.  Now, I drink matcha twice daily and can’t get enough of the stuff.   Neither can Japan.  Matcha is the ceremonial drink they have been consuming for almost 1000 years for meditation.

The aloe vera jellies in my Iced Matcha are made from real aloe vera.  They have an unusual, texture, but not gummy like boba.   Just ask, we will let you try one to make sure you like it.

Matcha Green Tea Lattes at Tea Largo are also served hot, and 2 % milk can be substituted for Fat Free, Almond, Soy & Vanilla Soy.    Find the matcha that’s right for you at Tea Largo!

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