Consider a tile wall fundraiser

You can create a lasting, unifying memory for your organization through PicassoZ Art Cafe.    A Tile Wall art installation is a fundraiser truly one of a kind.   They can be organized in a few different ways, and can even be incorporated into the classroom.

  • Promote and presell tiles to be painted at a given day/location.
  • Offer a “Family Night” in the school cafeteria as Lakeland Christian School did.  This was ALSO a ChickFilA dinner night, which was a great idea!   Guests picked up their tiles, and sat with family and friends painting their memories utilizing a couple mobile paint bar (kitchen carts).   PicassoZ fired the tiles as well as hosted any families that could not attend that evening.
  • Have a group outing at PicassoZ studio, to paint the tiles.   Our Party Loft seats 30 people, so you may need more than one for your organization!
  • Incorporate school colors or mascot by selling those spaces as well.
  • Churches can raise funds to expand/upgrade a children’s wing and install the mural there.
  • Businesses can raise money for their favorite charity, with guest painters.

Organizations charge $25-75 for the tiles, depending on what you are wanting to accomplish… high level of participation?   Small number of tiles for a small wall area?    Its up to you.   Remember, this is for an enduring art installation, so your community will happily participate in this “feel good” fundraiser, so dont undersell it.   You may have some people who will “sponsor” tiles (businesses, grandparents) and have someone else paint them.

We have special fundraiser rates for 4 1/4 inch tiles ($8 per tile) and 6 inch ($10 per tile).  When you do the math, you can see the opportunity.  Basically, the fundraiser is customizable to however you’d like it to be.  You market, but the tiles sell themselves.  What a great way to “keep it local”, too, integrating our local studio into your fundraising campaign.

If you are interested in a tile wall fundraiser for your club, school or organization, just submit your info through our contact form below.  We would love to help you raise money for your organization with our tile wall fundraiser!

NEWSFLASH!  We would LOVE your child to participate in OUR OWN tile wall mural.  See article for details

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