Crystal glazes are the simple way to paint pottery

We hear so many people say “oh I’m not creative”, we thought you might like to know the cheater way to paint pottery at PicassoZ and impress!

We carry glazes that are still non-toxic and safe for food (if they aren’t too textured), that have chunks of fascinating crystals in them that sort of “pop” when they are fired.   They are a little unpredictable, but for the most part, you can control what they do.  The crystals are just chillin’ in the bottom of the jar, which is great, because you don’t need them yet.

1.  Paint 3 coats of the thinner paint at the top of the jar.   This paint does have some specks and flecks in it also, and is fun to work with.   It’s pretty easy and we are right there to help if you want it.  (You CAN stir all the chunks up into the paint and just go for it, but I like doing the 3 coat, 1 coat method we are discussing here.)

2. Let the coats dry in between, just like our regular paint.

3.  THIS is the part that makes you feel like an artist!   With your brush, scoop some of the chunky crystals at the bottom of the jar.   They will come up with the paint which is good…you need the paint to get them to stick to your piece.

4.  Leave your piece to dry, and fire.

And that’s pretty much it!    We dont overglaze the areas on your piece that don’t have crystal paints, but we will top coat any places you leave, like the bottom of a mug for instance.   On our pretty flower votive, if you see it in our studio you’ll see it is NOT glazed inside.  Well, it was designed just to be a basic sample of what the different glazes are–it’s actually one of my favorites!

If you have any questions, the staff is always close by and instructions are on the jar as well.  We don’t recommend using the paints AND crystal glazes on the same piece because we have seen cracking on large pieces like plates.   We have seen mixed results doing that.   So, FYI there.

Have fun!   Remember, it’s about having a good time and enjoying each other’s company…art experience not needed!   Crystal glazes are one easy peasy way to paint pottery at PicassoZ Art Cafe.


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