Getting creative for our Mother’s Day gift

It’s not difficult coming up with creative ideas for Mother’s Day gifts any more.   We have Pinterest.   This platter my sister and I made for our mom back in 2010 was an original, though.  In fact, I don’t remember if I’ve posted it on Pinterest yet…

My mom, Fran Grogan, is a fabulous quilter.  My Grandma Mae is as well and well-deserving of a quilted platter of her own.  However, the extensive hands of grands and greats would have to be limited to little thumbprints inside quilting patterns to actually fit.

This design could not be easier, and you probably didn’t know that I’m the least artistic one between my sister and I.  Yep.  But together, we make a good team.  Collaborating on this quilted platter with our kids made Mom just as happy as actually receiving the gift…which is JUST like a Mom!

Make some memories this Mother’s Day.  Get family together, get punny, search our Mom Gift Board on Pinterest, and come in to create something unique for Mom.   We also have books full of handprint ideas, specifically for ceramic gifts.   I bet it will mean MORE to her that you planned ahead for her gift (a week or so to kiln-fire), than anything that could be purchased at a store.  Besides, there are other moms getting those.  This is truly a one-of-a-kind, just like her.

By the way, we do have mosaics and candles that go home with you the same day, that we will be offering right up until Mother’s Day.   We will also be having our very popular annual Mother’s Day Weekend event, since Mom also loves spending time together!   Details to follow.

Kristin Miller

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