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Monday & Tuesday Art Classes

Registration is open for our Fall Art Projects at PicassoZ Art Cafe.  Picassoz has an amazing upstairs loft we will be using to be creative in. I can’t wait! I heart Mondays & Tuesdays! Please email me for information – Melanie Carroll mondayartclasses@aol.com

PicassoZ owner Kristin says:

“We are absolutely thrilled to host Melanie Carroll’s art classes!   My daughter (who is NOT a confident artist!) and a friend (who is!)  attended her classes at Hobby Lobby this spring and they both just loved her.  Well, now with our all our creative space here on Cleveland Heights, I was able to offer up our inspiring Art Loft to host some special art activities for kids!    I’m so glad to have her teach our kids!  Melanie is a real gem!

Her classes are an hour long and different age groups are at different times throughout Mondays & Tuesdays as great homeschool and after school activities for kids.  Here is her Facebook page to see more about her and some of her student’s work.  In the meantime, plan to drop off your kids and send your teens over to be with us!

flower powder by katie

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  • kristin

    Let me ask Miss Melanie if she has any suggestions. I do know 5 year olds love to paint pottery–she can also make a candle as that is child-friendly. It’s walk-in, not instructor-led, but its a cool way to spend a summer afternoon!
    I’ll get back with you when I hear from her.

  • kristin

    Melanie says: I know Grant Me Grace studios has some fun projects planned for younger students, you may want to check with them.
    Polk Museum of Art has Saturday family classes that look to be a lot of fun as well.
    I am pretty sure Explorations Children’s Museum on Kentucky (across from Munn Park) has several summer projects planned for little ones as well.
    I hope this helps!

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