Make a Fused Glass Pendant

Try your hand at designing jewelry!  Assemble your own elegant fused glass pendant at PicassoZ!    Select your base shape and color, layer it, and top it with some design glass pieces!   We’ll fire it in our teeny tiny little baby kiln, and its ready in just a few days.  Rush orders are possible, just confirm with staff before you start.   We add a sterling plate bail to the back so you can hang it on your favorite chain, and have a gift box for your piece.  We also have 36 inch hand-dyed silk ribbons available for purchase.

They look like you bought them at a high end boutique, when you in fact, had a fun afternoon out in our eclectic art studio making it yourself.   Bring some friends!   It can take as long or as short as you want it to.   We’ll call you when its fired, got its professional polish, and boxed!

This is for kids 8 & up, since the components really are pieces of glass.   (However, we have another make-your-own-jewelry program coming specifically for our Budding Picasso’s this fall!)

fused glass in kiln
Select your components for your glass pendant, and we will do the hard part. The layers will melt together into your own masterpiece!

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