• Seuss Birthday Fingerprint Event

    Celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday with us! We will have instruction on how to make a Green Eggs and Ham Platter with fingerprint “eggs”. As well as Thing One and Thing Two mugs and other Seuss-y fun!

  • Fingerprint Silver Jewelry Event 12/22, 3pm-7pm

    There’s still time for a one-of-a-kind keepsake, handmade locally for Christmas! I will be taking FINGERPRINT impressions into silver clay and then firing the pendants into FINE 99.9 SILVER! They’ll be ready Wednesday, 12/23 since we fire them on-site. Charms available in 3 different sizes and range from $45-$65. Names are hand-carved into the back of the charms, too. Several charms can be placed together on a necklace, which is a wonderful Mommy or Grandmother gift. You’ll need to place your order before the impression is taken, which will only take a couple minutes. I will be offering the jewelry regularly at PicassoZ, so if you can’t come in now…