Shark Week kick off… 20% off sharks today!

So Discovery Channel’s famous Shark Week is 30 years old! We know sharks are a favorite to paint, so come on in Sunday, July 22nd, and paint your own at 20% off! We have a variety including banks, plaques, mugs, and figurines.

Allow up to a week to kiln-fire them!

Preschool Day 10am-3pm

For our Budding Picasso’s ages 5 & under and a guest.   Buy 1 pottery piece to paint and get 1 for $5.   Yes, its a killer deal, we know.   We appreciate our little artists and we hope some day they want to have a birthday party with us (hint hint).   Enjoy your day out!

Free Chunky Candle upgrade today

Get the next size up!  Build your own candle and we add the scent of your choice…glitter is optional!  Our candles are in Breakables Mosaic Studio and today its open 10-6pm.

President’s Day Mosaic Special

Make a mosaic today between Noon-6pm and get 20% off!   Our Breakables Mosaic Studio will be open 12-6 today for walk-in mosaics.      (PicassoZ will be open as usual 10-9pm)    Mosaics are very beginner-friendly and go home the same day.   If you’re looking for things to do for kids, this is a pretty good one!