• Summer Break Mosaic Sale!

    Stop in and BREAK UP your Summer with 20% off your mosaic on August 1! All mosaic surfaces are 20% off, which includes the glass pieces needed to create your art, and the grout in order to finish your piece. Stop in and join us, this event goes on all day!

  • Summer BREAK Day at Breakables Mosaic Studio

    Enjoy 20% off when you make a mosaic today! Fun baubles, specialty ceramic pieces and cute little ceramic letters are goodies you can include in your piece at no additional charge. Grout kit included, complete with instructions on how-to. Mosaics are very beginner friendly and go home with you the same day! Seating in Breakables Mosaic Studio by PicassoZ. Yes, painters can paint inside Breakables, too so friends with different projects can sit together. The best thing about mosaics…they go home with you the same day! Breakables Mosaic Studio 4636 Cleveland Heights Blvd Lakeland, FL 33813

  • Mosaic a Cross, get 3 free specialty pieces to include.

    3 free specialty inclusions. Select up to 3 free letters, clay words, or our specialty glass shapes to include into your cross mosaic piece in honor of Easter Week. Tuesday – Saturday, March 31-April 4. Inside our Breakables Mosaic Studio, by Tea Largo & PicassoZ. Open 10am-6pm each day as part of our Spring BREAK mosaic feature! While supplies last…

  • Make a mosaic today, 20% off

    Breakables Mosaic Studio is open 10am-6pm today and mosaics are 20% off. Did you know mosaics go home with you? Mosaic surfaces start at $21 and can be practical like lazy susans and trivets, and fun and decorative like wall plaques. Breakables Mosaic Studio by PicassoZ 10am-6pm 4636 Cleveland Heights Blvd Lakeland, FL 33813 863-688-6545 Located beside Tea Largo