Mosaic a Cross, get 3 free specialty pieces to include.

3 free specialty inclusions. Select up to 3 free letters, clay words, or our specialty glass shapes to include into your cross mosaic piece in honor of Easter Week. Tuesday – Saturday, March 31-April 4. Inside our Breakables Mosaic Studio, by Tea Largo & PicassoZ. Open 10am-6pm each day as part of our Spring BREAK mosaic feature! While supplies last…

Spring BREAK week features mosaics, of course

Yes, we at PicassoZ love a good play on words.    So, we’re playing up the “break” and loaded up promotions in our Breakables Mosaic Studio.   If you haven’t visited yet, its really grown in popularity as a nice, relaxing environment to create in.   It has a different vibe than PicassoZ, and is a little more sophisticated, but not much, LOL.   It’s still walk-in, and still DIY.  But with mosaics, you can take your creation home with you!    Our hours are a little different in Breakables, 10-6 and this Spring Break week, we’re open

Monday-Friday 10-6pm

Saturday 10-10pm

Easter Sunday all our shops are closed.

See our event calendar for an assortment of fun mosaic specials, and even some that celebrate the fact that it still is Easter Week!