• First Chai-Days! $2 Iced Chai Lattes today!

    Try our Chai. July 6th is $2 Iced Chai Day. Choose from Honey Vanilla, Traditional Masala or Fiery Ginger (a staff favorite!). The $2 deal is good for all day, 7am-9:30pm Friday, July 6th on our 16oz iced chai lattes. Our Lattes include your choice of milk too… even alternative milks in Unsweet Almond, Vanilla Soy, & Classic Coconut Milk. Do you use our chownow order ahead? Chai’s will be $2 online there also! Order Ahead for Tea Largo

  • Something for everyone at Tea Largo

    Our popular Tea Largo Beverage Company shop is full of artsy fun, as well as fabulous hand-crafted drinks.  Serving boba teas, smoothies, tea lattes, coffees, refreshing iced teas, as well as the decadent Frozen Hot Chocolate, Tea Largo is a destination for exotic drinks (healthy and un). Bubble teas are our most popular category–the sweet, rich, exotic flavors like Honeydew, Taro, Thai, Mango Chai, Coconut, Lychee, Watermelon, Almond, and more…   They include boba, which are chewy, sweet tapioca pearls that you schlurp through a fat straw. Our new tea lattes (hot, iced or frozen) are made from premium loose leaf teas into a concentrate that is lightly sweetened.  We…

  • Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte with Aloe Vera

    Matcha…   it’s pure premium green tea granite-ground into a super fine powder.   You drink it.   At Tea Largo, we add it to smoothies, iced teas, lattes, really…we add it to whatever you want us to.  We also sell it retail you can you drink it at home.   Matcha has become very popular in recipes, too.  So, you eat it.   Matcha is extremely high in antioxidants, and is well known for its energy boost.  

  • College Night

    We heart our college students! Show your student i.d. and get 20% off any beverage in Tea Largo AND pottery painting at PicassoZ main studio tonight!

  • Coffee Jellies are back!

    Tea Largo‘s iced toddies (a smooth cold-brew iced coffee) are pretty much amazing. They have a following. So much so, I (Kristin) decided to bring back one of my personal favorites…the coffee jelly. Yes, they are coffee flavored jellies you SCHLURP up through a fat straw! It’s Florida. We drink ALOT of iced beverages. I think our boba & jellies are particularly popular here because we get bored and are looking for something to DO with our drinks rather than just mindlessly sipping. So, here you go, Lakeland. You love our iced toddies, you love our boba teas. Now, you’ve got coffee-flavored candy in a cup. Hey, if you have…

  • The Acai Bowl

    Antioxidants with a spoon.   It’s the best meal ever.   Blended incredibly thick with a frozen banana, with granola, drizzled with honey and topped with your choice of 4 toppings: Goji Berries Cacao Nibs Unsweetened Coconut Mango Strawberries Bananas Walnuts Bee Pollen Chia Seeds Blueberries, on occasion Can be made vegan by request.  Acai Smoothies are portable antioxidants.

  • Tea Largo – a vacation in a cup

    A casual & contemporary tea bar featuring boba teas, loose leaf, acai bowls, espresso & tea lattes, smoothies & vegan treats.  Established way back in 2007 at Lakeside Village as a remodel of PicassoZ Art Cafe’s existing coffee bar.   Tea Largo introduced alot of people to alot of exotic drinks, like matcha green tea.   Online shopping for our 2 oz loose teas coming soon. We’re located in the quaint little plaza with a green roof.   4634 Cleveland Heights Blvd  *  Lakeland, FL Hours: Mon-Thur 7am-9pm Friday      7am-10:30pm Saturday  9am-10:30pm Sunday    11am-7pm