Our Creative Spaces

Come spend some time with us! Our building of silliness offers walk-in pottery painting, mosaics that go home same day, chunky candle making (goes home same day too) and a locally famous contemporary tea and acai bowl cafe.


PicassoZ Art Cafe, The Party Loft, and Tea Largo Beverage Co. storefront at Cleveland Heights & Hallam. Open 362 days a year.
  • Paint your own mug.
  • Mosaic a trivet to take home with you.
  • Build a chunky candle, choose your own fragrance.
  • Enjoy the best soy latte you’ve ever had.
  • Make a handprint platter.
  • Reserve The Party Loft for your team-building event.
  • Mosaic a plaque for the hallway.
  • Shlurp a boba tea in some exotic flavor.
  • Paint your own cookie jar…sign & date the bottom.
  • Sip a cold brew from Tampa’s Buddy Brew craft-roasted beans.
  • You get the idea…