Walk-ins welcome

When you arrive, we invite you to select your bisque or mosaic shapes as well as where you’d like to sit.   After a quick tour of our studio, you can be seated and begin your creative expression.   Paint 3 coats at most, let dry in between coats, leave with us when you’re finished.  Allow a week or so for firing, but you can request a rush before you start painting and ask an associate if we can make your deadline. Our glazes are food-safe, non-toxic and lead-free, of course.

Pricing:  NO studio fees so what you see is what you get!  Plus tax.


  • Beckie

    Hello, Do you have ornament kits where you can take the ornament with paint, paint at home, and bring back? Also, if you do, would that be finished prior to Dec 22nd? Thanks so much!

  • Lynn Muniz

    Would the walk-in setting accommodate a group of 10-12? Looking for something for our church ladies group and need something with various prices. $21 would be to much for some to pay.

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